Colleen Kramer

Colleen Kramer - President

Colleen learned the business from one of the best in the industry—her mom Patt Gallagher, who founded Evergreen Supply. Living by example, Patt taught her daughter to never give up, to stay focused on her dreams, follow through on promises, and be clear on the market she is targeting. These lessons, along with a healthy dose of perseverance, have led Colleen to successfully grow the business with the support of her amazing team!


Tiffany Johnsen

Tiffany Johnsen - Executive Vice President

Danny Goode

Danny Goode - Vice President

Brittany Robson

Brittany Robson - Project Manager

Crystal Kelly

Crystal Kelly - Lighting Project Manager

Brittany Haupt

Brittany Haupt - Lighting Quotes

Jeff Weteska

Jeff Weteska - Switchgear Sales

Wendy Price

Wendy Price - Accounting Manager

Dot Lampkin

Dot Lampkin - Warehouse

Bryan Gallagher

Bryan Gallagher - Sr. Account Manager

Hugh Flores

Hugh Flores - Quotation Specialist

Mike Marra

Mike Marra - Director of Switchgear

Marlene Castaneda

Marlene Castaneda - Administrative Assistant

Nick Kraft DTS

Nick Kraft DTS - Supervisor

Jason Jurkas

Jason Jurkas - Quote Coordinator

Kimberly Carello

Kimberly Carello - Lighting Sales